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AGX 2019HT

Small High temperature (up to 280°C) UHF tags.

General specifications

High Temperature UHF Metal Tag AGX D2019HT (280°С for 50 minutes, 250°С for 150minutes).

This sturdy tag offer robust performance at an attractive price point.

Constructed with High temperature material, these UHF tags can endure temperatures of 280°С for 50 minutes, 250°С for 150minutes.

AGX D2019HT RFID tags is EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and RoHS compliant and has an IP68 rating. The tags are available in frequencies for North America, Europe, Japan and more.







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  • UHF (865 - 915 MHz)

Application Areas

  • Asset Management
  • Offshore
  • Instrument tracking
  • Tool tracking

AGX 2019HT

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