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RFID products for Offshore/oil & gas

We carry RFID products that are characterized by quality, functionality, performance and expandability. Select by frequency or from a variety of application areas in the Offshore/oil & gas industry.

Extreme resistance in harsh environments and the ability to be deployed in ATEX (Zone 1/11 and 2/22) environments required. Among other things, the criteria determine the products that are developed or selected.


Application Areas

Products that match your search criteria (92/92)

Autoklave Tags (3/3)

Cable Desktop Reader (6/6)

CCTV Cameras (5/5)

DataCollector (4/4)

Fix Mount RFID Reader (5/5)

High-Temperature RFID Tags (9/9)

Industry Products (2/2)

1D Laser Handscanner (1/1)

Outdoor-Tracker (1/1)

Passive RFID Tags (42/42)

RFID-Antennas (5/5)

Rugged Handhelds (3/3)

Special Products (1/1)

Special RFID Tags (6/6)

SW-Applications (2/2)

Tablet PCs (2/2)

Accessories and options (2/2)